The Impact Research Group is not a campaigning group. Our aim is to help inform the debate concerning Shale Gas for Ireland, and to widen the economic context in which the debate is taking place.

We set ourselves the task of examining the particular economic and employment conditions in Ireland, and what impact the proposed  shale gas hydraulic fracturing might have.

To this end we have produced a report “Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Industry and the Shale Gas Question”, which you can read here. (Click on AgriFood Study page tab at top).

Although we are primarily focused on economic and employment concerns we include some relevant published material concerning public health and environmental concerns.

In the meantime, welcome to our site.  (Please click on the tabs at the top to view other pages).

We welcome comments. Please allow a little time for your comment to appear, the (voluntary, part-time) moderator will try to approve comments in a day or two. But please note, keep all comments relevant to the subject, and personal or offensive comments will not be shown.

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    • Hi Marie,

      a lovely song, thanks for sending us the link. It’s good to hear from people living in areas which have already been fracked.

      I can do no better than print some of the lyrics and pray we don’t have to say the same here in Ireland.

      near Montrose Pennsylvania, Gas Man’s had his way,
      it’s where I spent my childhood, those summers of yesterday,
      the hills I once thought heaven, are now a living hell,
      and you can’t drink the water from the well.


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